Friday, February 13, 2009

Waters and Stanton customer service

On Wednesday I ordered a Kenwood TH-F7E from Waters and Stanton. I ordered it from their eBay shop since they were advertising a lower price than on their website. A few minutes later I ordered from them an earpiece/mic for the same radio. Within an hour I received two notifications to say "Your eBay item has been shipped."

On Thursday morning the earpiece/mic arrived by Royal Mail, delivered by our postwoman. I expected that the radio would come later on by van, but it did not appear that day.

Today, Friday, an antenna I ordered from a different eBay trader arrived in the post. Still no radio. So I emailed Waters and Stanton through eBay and about an hour later received the following terse reply: "sorry slow progress it will ship today". Pretty disappointing, as I'd been looking forward to having the TH-F7E for the weekend.

This isn't the first time I've had shoddy service from W&S. A couple of years ago I ordered an MFJ magnetic loop from them. I didn't hear anything for weeks, and no money was taken, so I decided they must have lost my order and I could probably manage without the antenna anyway. About three months later, a huge square box arrived. I accepted the antenna, and am quite pleased with it, but when I complained to W&S I just got a feeble apology that "we should have notifed you it was out of stock."

Waters and Stanton are supposedly the biggest amateur radio dealer in the UK, but with this kind of attitude to customer service I'm very surprised.

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Hello OM see this video of the packing from them.