Monday, February 16, 2009

eQSL Gallery

Simon, 2E0HTS, has a very interesting and well illustrated blog about his radio activities, which includes a number of videos. I have particularly enjoyed the ones showing satellite contacts being made.

Simon also recently created an online gallery of all his eQSLs. It certainly beats printing them all out and sticking them on the wall! I wouldn't have the patience to download them all and then upload them again to a gallery. Perhaps the eQSL folks could add a gallery feature to their site, that members could link to.

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MØYKS Simon said...

Hi Julian,
Thanks for the mention and I am still recovering from all of the eQSL uploads! It should be easy enough to add any new eQSL cards in the future now I have completed the hard work.

Thanks for watching the videos and I hope to do some more Satellite vids in the near future.

Excellent info regarding your interests within amateur radio on this blog and you can bet I will be back!

Hope to hear you on the bands or Earth orbiting Satellites soon.

73 de 2E0HTS