Thursday, February 12, 2009

Weather Satellite Images

I used to receive and decode weather satellite images from the NOAA APT satellites and publish the images on this site, but I gave up about a year ago when I wanted to improve the ham radio antennas in my small attic and there was nowhere left to put the QFH. Out of the blue, I received an email from Paul Dransfield at the local high school, Cockermouth School, who informed me that they are receiving APT images there. A new satellite, NOAA 19, has just been launched, but unfortunately it is transmitting on the highest channel, close to the local pagers, and he is experiencing bad interference.

I wasn't able to help him with this, other than to point out that the receiver he is using, the R2FX, is rather poor in that respect. But visitors to my site who miss my images might like to see the ones Cockermouth School is publishing on their rather fine Weather Centre website.

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