Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Special events

HF propagation conditions have not been great today. There was not much happening on 15m at all.

I worked a couple of special event stations on 20m PSK31. DL100OUI was a special call to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the first commercial radio communication between Germany and USA. The operator was Reinhard, DK1IO.

The other one was S503EO which was to commemorate 50 years in amateur radio by the operator Milos, S53EO!

That gives me an idea. My 60th birthday is in a few weeks time, perhaps Ofcom would let me have a special event call to mark that? :)


M0JEK said...

Ofcom might just do that, give you a special call. After all, you are national treasure to amateur radio :-)

Before I stumbled on your site, a few years ago, I was not sure I would have been able to operate from my tiny QTH, and you motivated me to try stealth techniques and I haven't looked back. I am sure there are many others you have helped.

vy 73

Andre' M0JEK

Patrick said...

I second that Andre ! :-)

Patrick ON4CDJ

Paul Stam PAØK said...

you should do that