Saturday, February 23, 2013

The prettiest ham and the longest call

Fifteen metres was again in good shape today. The contacts I made included the prettiest ham I've yet worked, and the station with the longest call I've ever logged.

Natali, RV3ADL
Call me a male chauvinist if you like, but whenever I work a YL (young lady) on the bands I can't resist looking to see if I can find a picture of her. I worked Natali from Moscow on PSK31 this afternoon and she must be the prettiest ham radio operator I've worked in my long career. She keeps a pretty neat shack, too.

The prize for the longest callsign ever logged goes to YO2013EYOWF which is the official call of the European Youth Olympic Winter Festival 2013 in Brasov, Romania. I pity anyone having to send that in CW! I don't have any pictures of the YO2013EYOWF operators but they do have a very pretty logo which I expect will be on their QSL.


Jspiker said...

Hello Jullian,

The World Ski Event in Austria recently had a few call signs which were similar and yes....they're a nightmare to copy at high CW speed. Hihi

YO3HJV, Adrian said...

I made some research. The operators are: YO6MP - Victor, YO6FUG - Nonu, YO6FTV - Marius, YO6FPW - Lucilius, YO6CHB - Doru, YO6GBD - Adi, YO6UO - Den, YO6DBL - Ionel, YO6OSC - Costel, YO6EZ - Dan
73 de Adrian, YO3HJV