Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My first JT9-1 QSO

PC4T Paul's blog post about working Tasmania with 5 watts gave me the spur to try the new JT9-1 mode, so I installed the WSJT-X software. The user interface is quite a bit different to the older WSJT programs but most of the same controls are there. I never really figured out how to use WSJT, much preferring the simpler interface of Joe W6CQZ's JT65-HF application.

Working SM5CS using JT9-1 mode
My experience with JT65-HF stood me in good stead as I was familiar with the sequence of exchanges, but I missed the JT65-HF user interface, its ability to decode all the signals in a swath of spectrum, and the alerts and built-in logging of it's companion JT-Alert application.

My first QSO, also using 5 watts, was with SM5CS - not as impressive as Tasmania but sufficient to satisfy myself that I knew how to drive the program. I'm puzzled by the panoramic display though: the two peaks of the spectrum analyzer display don't match up with the two traces shown on the waterfall.

I made the changes to KComm to allow me to log this new mode. I seem to have an increasing number of modes that I can log but not upload to because the ADIF specification doesn't yet include them, though JT9 is already there.


Paul Stam PAØK said...

Good job Julian. Yes, the JT65-HF application made JT65 very popular. I hope someone can do the same job with JT9-1

I use logbook and it's possible to log JT9 qso's as well.

73 Paul

PE4BAS, Bas said...

Congrats with your first JT9 QSO Julian. I think we should promote JT9. Probabely then it would be integrated in the JT65-HF application. JT65-HF should be renamed to JT-HF or so. Or would this be a step to far into the future?
I certainly think it would make JT9 even more populair as JT65. 73, Bas

Unknown said...

I agree, Bas. I understand the encoding used in JT9 is similar to JT65A. So adding JT9 capability to JT65-HF would not be impossible. JT9-1 is much narrower than JT65A and its adoption could solve the problem of crowding on the JT65A frequencies.

Unfortunately I believe that the author of JT65-HF Joe W6CQZ is ill and not able to work on the program, so this is unlikely to happen any time soon.

Perhaps Laurie, VK3AMA, the author of JT-Alert, could produce a version that works with WSJT-X? I think that would go a long way towards making JT9 more popular.

Julian, G4ILO

Unknown said...

Hi Julian
To decode all the signals over a "swath of spectrum" set the 'TOL' spinner (near the bottom of the screen) higher than 20. The green marker above the waterfall will get wider.
Catch you soon on JT-9!
73 Phil M6FUN

SV1GRN said...

Tnx for the information, I'll try wsjt-x. I am also a satisfied JT65-HF user and Iam using also JT65logview by OX3IO:
have a look.

G4NKX said...

Hi Julian - I too have just started using it and yes it would be a good idea having it alongside jt65 I am only monitoring at the moment until I am more familiar with it - I tried two earlier versions and neither would decode at all - thankfully the latest version 0.9 Is working but no Cat control.

Unknown said...

You do know I suppose that the CAT control is only supposed to work from the program to the radio?

Julian, G4ILO