Monday, February 25, 2013

A 40m transceiver kit

It has been a while since my soldering iron has been warmed up and I have been feeling the urge to build something. The challenge of building something from scratch has usually proved too much, so I have decided to build a kit. I've read a lot of good things about the "Iler 40" and its 20m brother so I decided to get one.

Iler 40 transceiver (EA9GCY photo)
I thought that this kit was sold on Ebay but a search for "Iler 20" came up blank. A more generic search produced some interesting hits including this 40m transceiver kit from a UK seller. This kit is quite a bit cheaper than the Iler kits but without any reviews it is a bit of an unknown quantity. I eventually found that the Iler kits can be bought from the maker's own site. The excellent reviews plus a higher output (4w vs 1w) were the decider. I was a bit unsure of which version to go for but I eventually plumped for the 40m version. More to follow once it gets here.


Tjeerd, PA3GNZ said...

I'm busy to build the Iler20. Today I finished soldering the resistors.

Step 2, the capacitors.

73, Tjeerd

Dick said...

The Oak Hills Research mono-band QRP kits are also top-notch. Quiet receiver, 5+ watts, audio filter, and rapid QSK. I have the 20 and 30 meter models.

Roger G3XBM said...

Good luck with the build. They look well designed and competent little rigs. Half tempted too. I'll see how you get on first.

73s Roger G3XBM