Tuesday, August 28, 2012

UHF DVAP Dongle on the way?

Rumour has it that a 70cm version of the DVAP Dongle is on the way. Rumour also suggests that the price will be the same as for the 2m dongle. For those who would like to use Icom's new ID-31 D-Star handie and have no UHF D-Star repeaters in range, the wait may soon be over.


Tregonsee said...

US ham dealers are already taking orders for it.

Jeff Davis, KE9V said...


Looks like all the same dealers who sell the 2M version in the states will have the 70CM versions on the market October 1st - according to Robin, AA4RC.

70cm only or 2m only. Couldn't fit dual-band in the same footprint.

73, Jeff KE9V

Unknown said...

Thanks, Jeff. I don't know when it will arrive over here. CE approval may hold things up a bit.

73, Julian, G4ILO