Tuesday, August 07, 2012


For more years than I care to remember I've always used qrz.com to look up calls I've worked or heard on the bands. Recently I've noticed that the site wants me to log in every time I try to access the details of a call. Perhaps my memory is faulty, but I'm sure that you didn't used to have to log in to see the basic details, and the site remembered your login for at least a week.  Now it seems you have to log in every day if you aren't a subscriber. This isn't very convenient, even though I understand the reason for it (presumably to encourage more people to subscribe.) I now hardly ever visit qrz.com.
The G4ILO page at QRZCQ.com
Using Google to search for a call I found that one of the first results returned was from a site called qrzcq.com. I didn't at first notice the different URL. QRZCQ has a callsign lookup similar to QRZ.com - it even uses the same URL format - but doesn't require a login to access the details. The site's database already holds quite a bit of information about me - all of it already in the public domain but I won't ask where it came from! I have just registered with the site so as to edit and add to the information shown on the G4ILO page.

I don't know who is behind the new site but they seem to have done a good job on it. The pages look a lot more attractive than qrz.com and they aren't stuffed with ads - though it is early days yet and I suppose the desire to "monetize" the site will come eventually. But right now qrzcq.com looks like a venture that is well worth supporting, visiting and updating your own page.
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