Saturday, August 25, 2012

Info needed

Ed, PE5ED and Wijn are developing a project called the IARL. They are trying to collect as much data as they can on repeaters and beacons. This will be freely available via the website and also through an app for smartphones.

They already have quite a lot of information for western Europe though I have already spotted a couple of errors relating to local repeaters. If you can help with corrections or sources of data they would like to hear from you.


Paul Stam PAØK said...

I ponder... there is a lot of wrong info about the Dutch repeaters on IARL. There is already enough good info on the internet available. So why this? 73 Paul

Unknown said...

I'm inclined to agree, Paul. Perhaps it would be useful if all this information were to be available in one place?

Ed de la Rie // PE5ED said...

Hoi Paul / Hi Julian

Well, problem is as always maintaining. And it could very well be even the Dutch info is outdated. That is why we have the option to update/correct your 'own' repeater-information, or become a count(r)y-manager.
The goal is to have the IARL as a central web-hangout from which all others are fed. Or if we are sure the source is well maintained, we use that as a feed.
We have no other intention btw than gather and spread this information. At this moment it is all privately funded. We hope to hand it over to the world-ham-community one day. Till that time, Wijnand and I will do our very best to get as much correct data as we can. Lots of work is being done on the backend. Soon to be revealed.
73 Ed