Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Charles M0OXO laments the fact that England is 334th in the list of the most wanted 338 DXCC entities, in other words the fifth least wanted. Isn't it a sad waste of a hobby not to mention the vast sums of money people spend on equipment and antennas if the main interest in making a contact is just to be able to tick off a new country? I guess that's why I find DXing and DX blogs boring. I'd rather read about what people are building, new things that they are experimenting with or how far (even if it isn't all that far) someone manages to work with a peanut whistle.


Unknown said...

Have followed your blog for some time and on this post, I quite agree. The quest of building a great antenna in a lousy location, fixing radios and miscellaneous equipment and experimenting with my "problem area" tuners! If a DX station seeks me out, sure I'll have a qso with the OM, just to get and idead of how my station is doing and may meet a new friend. Sid (w8SFC)

Paul Stam PAØK said...

Hello Julian, they are not seeking for PA's either. And I don't mind. I like every QSO I make. If it's someone in my neighborhood, OK. If it someone 2000 miles away, OK. I do like making distances with my qrp setting, but for me the essence is to make contact or share experiences with other hams wherever they live. 73 Paul

PE4BAS, Bas said...

Hello Julian, everyone has his own purposes in their HAMradio hobby. I mainly agree with you. But I respect those that have only DX and chasing DXCC as a purpose. But it is a fact writing only about DX is pretty boring. Luckely there are a lot of interesting blogs around. 73, Bas

Phil Terkoff said...

I usually agree with what you have written, but must disagree this time. One of the endlessly fascinating things about amateur radio is the amazing variety of activities that the hobby provides. We are a 'broad church' and have room for people who are only interested in construction; only want to make CW contacts; love digital modes (and even specific ones within this rubrique - Hellschreiber being a favourite of mine for example); love local FM nets; are fascinated by a particular band over all others (six metres being a common addiction); are SWLs; only work satellites; only work Top Band/VHF/UHF/ATV/SSTV; use the hobby to develop their knowledge of foreign languages; and yes: DXers of whom there are many different types with many different sub-goals such as IOTA, SOTA etc.
The psychology of the individuals involved is as varied as their reasons for loving the hobby and as the satisfaction and pleasure they receive from it. I for one salute it (and I'm sure you do too in actual fact!).
Colin, GM4JPZ

PC1I said...

Hi Julian,

as always with this kind of survey's people have to read it the right way...

When I read this list "down top" it says:

England is the top 5 country in the world with lots of good stations capable of working lots of other country's. The Netherlands scores a nice 10th place.

We belong to the top DXers!

I could do a really bad joke about why Italy is the most unwanted country but I won't...

For myself, I am not a DX hunter but I do enjoy working a new country once in a while.

73 de Kees PE2KM