Thursday, January 27, 2011

60m WSPR using 500mW QRP

I have been beaconing WSPR using 500mW all day today. The KAT3 didn't want to repeat its trick of matching my multi-band dipole so the best SWR I could manage was about 1.8:1. I don't know how much of the 500mW ended up warming up the ATU or the coaxial feeder.

This is a shot of the WSPR propagation map taken just before 1800z today. As you can see, the 500mW is getting out pretty well. I think I have been received by all the G stations that have been monitoring at some time during the day, and a few others. And it was nice to see fellow bloggers Paul PC4T and Bas PE4BAS monitoring even though they can't transmit on 60m, and better still spotting me!

Just after I posted this, my 500mW was also spotted by LA3JJ!


Bob VE3MPG said...

What frequency are you transmitting on Julian? I will give a listen today.


PE4BAS, Bas said...

Hi Julian, congrats with the nice results. First time ever I listened on 60m. Didn't expect much but received you through the day. 73, Bas

Unknown said...

The 60m frequency for WSPR is 5.287200MHz USB (carrier frequency). My actual TX frequency is 5.288690MHz.