Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Home-brew USB digimodes interface

My home made USB digital modes interface "SignaLink clone" has been completed. It has been in use for several days and is currently in use with my K2 for 30m APRS.

USBlink interface with cables for FT-817
I have written up the project on the G4ILO's Shack website. See home-brew USB digital modes interface.


PE4BAS, Bas said...

Hello Julian, this is defenitely something I am going to brew. Easy to get parts from junk computers and still got some cheap USB audiosticks here. The nice thing is that it does not need extern power, so it's very suitable for use with the FT-817 in the field. The switch and LEDs are not really necessary if you really want to save power from a battery operating laptop.
Very usefull piece of equipment. Thanks for experimenting and the idea. 73, Bas

Dragos said...

Hello Julian, thanks for the idea to build this interface. I already have a homemade sound card using PCM2902 and I will convert it for digimodes.

However, I want to tell you about a small mistake in the schematics of the VOX circuit: the first transistor needs a load resistor in colector. I am sure you already use it and it's just a drawing mistake.

Let me thank you thank you again for the ideea and for the most interesting blog I have found.

73, Dragos yo3gcf

Unknown said...

Yes you are right, there should be a 4K7 resistor in there.

jo said...

Hello to all,
Effectively, I realized this circuit, but the switching does not work. He certainly has to have there a 'bug' in the chaine of constituents(components) allowing the switching. If a qualified OM could help me to resolve this problem... Thank you for having read to me.
73 ' of F5pda - José -