Thursday, April 22, 2010

First sporadic-E of 2010

I heard a little bit of sporadic-E propagation on 10m this afternoon. Tuning around the beacon segment I heard the beacon DK0TEN on 28.257.5MHz quite strongly for about a minute before it faded away.

There have even been some contacts made and beacons heard on 6 metres, according to Let's hope for some good openings on VHF this year.


Paul M0PCZ said...

Hi Julian,

This is very exciting for me as I would love a voice DX contact on 10m after too long on similar frequencies in a previous radio life. I have had a couple of PSK31 on 10m a few weeks ago, before the sunstorm ruined it all.

And 6m also, a band I've heard a lot about, supposed to be good from May onwards I believe.

Good signs then.

73 Paul.

G4NKX said...

I keep hearing how good this band is but everytime I've listened it been dead (Although thought I heard whispers last Sunday around 6pm) - I now have a 6m beam to go up so looking for big openings - looking for my first contact still on 6m.