Saturday, April 10, 2010


The diode I ordered yesterday to do the mod on the TH-205E came this morning, but it is a bit big.

It looks as if I might have to use a thin wire link after all.

The diodes I ordered have a rating of 3A whereas the one specified by Kenwood - part number ERB83-004 - is rated at 2A. You can see an ERB83-004 which is used as a reverse polarity protection diode mounted vertically just to the left of where I hoped to put this one in. It is much smaller.

There is room for the big diode but it will not be easy to get a soldering iron bit in and trying to solder such heavy leads to the thin leftovers of the old one could result in more problems.

Back to the drawing board.


M0XDF said...

Hey, that will fit, lift the thin already soldered wires up to make them vertical. Bend the diode wires down and cut them so the diode just stands proud. Pull the plug out and solder. I'm sure that will be no problem.

Unknown said...

I'm afraid I'll melt the solder in the through hole and the thin wires will fall through.

M0XDF said...

maybe you'll have to remove the motherboard then :-(

Unknown said...

Perhaps you could cut the diode's leads close to its body, attach some thin insulated wires, and then insulate the lot. You could then tuck the diode anywhere there is room, and connect the ends of the thin wires to your board. Alternatively fit a link to the board and fit the diode somewhere else in the line between the board and battery. I've learnt not to try to be too clever with such repairs. It doesn't matter what it looks like as long as it will work reliably. John (G4HUK)

Unknown said...

Hi John. Yes I was thinking of something on those lines while I was in Blackpool today. That's probably what I'll do.