Tuesday, March 02, 2010

ROS developer issues G4ILO with an ultimatum

I visited the ROS Digital Modem Group on Yahoo! and found the following message:


For Julian, G4ILO,
Has a period of 24 hours to correct the news about the legality of ROS in your blog or it will be illegal to use it yourself. Am I making myself clear enough.

Several hours ago I posted about the news that the FCC had reversed its decision regarding the legality of the use of ROS in the US. Is that not good enough for him?

A week ago, when I posted that ROS was illegal in the US, that was what the FCC believed and what I wrote was true at the time. I am not in the Soviet Union and I am not rewriting history to suit someone else's convenience. Moreover, if someone has an issue with me or anything I write, would not the correct way to proceed be to send me an email, not issue an ultimatum in a public forum that I may or may not read?

I am so angry I can barely type.

Update: Jose has now seen my post of this morning and issued an apology. He wrote:

Sorry, i did not see the new post.
I apologize and I hope you put yourself in my place and understand my indignation.

I don't wish to have any ill-feeling so I have accepted his apology. But I am still pretty angry and upset about the manner in which he chose to express his indignation. Even if I hadn't yet written about the changed ruling, an email would have been all that was needed to obtain my assurance that I would as soon as I could.

I will not be using the ROS digital mode any more.
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