Wednesday, March 03, 2010

K3 for sale

A K3 is for sale on the Elecraft reflector by Dan in Florida, who gives the reason for sale as "large unexpected medical bills."

I'm sorry for Dan and hope my linking to his ad from here will help him to get a good price for his radio. And I thank God that here in Britain we have a National Health Service!


Dick said...

My fellow citizens just don't get it.

Dick said...

I am fortunate in having French Social Security and a French rider policy. If I needed serious medical treatment I would have it done in France. My YL's son had 4 months of chemo in France. No charge, excellent care, and he is now in remission.

God forbid we should have such a "commie" system in the USA.

Unknown said...

jturning - the media always blows problems out of proportion. People here know what the reality is because they have real life experiences to go on. And such cases are a tiny minority caused by badly management at individual hospitals, not faults in the system.

I believe the number of people affected by such cases is a tiny fraction of those in the USA who cannot receive treatment at all because they have no health insurance and can't afford it.

Don't you realize you are being hoodwinked by the insurance companies who don't want to see the end of a system that allows them to make huge profits?

Unknown said...

To be ill is a very bad situation and I am glad that my health insurance payed already some 10,000 $$$ for my operations and medicines. To be ill and loosing the hobby which is the gate to the world ouside the house for me is the worst case.

Why not collect some money and send it to him so that he can keep his K3? I am ready to send 100$ to any account and I think there might be 30 more hams in the world who would be glad to help him also. In this case somebody has to do the organization like publishing the account number...

Posted on behalf of Fred, oh/dk4zc

G4ILO comment: That is a very kind offer. Sadly, Dan has already sold his K3.