Friday, April 10, 2009

Missing part

I started assembling the DC20B kit yesterday evening, and continued this morning. But progress has come to a halt as that most frustrating occurrence for kit-builders occurred - a missing part. There are three DIL ICs in the kit, two 8-pin chips and one 16-pin chip, but the socket for the 16-pin chip is missing. So unless I want to solder the IC directly on to the board, which I don't, I can't finish the kit.

The nearest place that sells electronic components is Maplin in Carlisle, 25 miles away. I checked on the web and they have 4 16-pin DIL IC sockets in stock. Hopefully they won't have sold them all by the time I get there, which will be tomorrow, as it will have to be a shopping trip - I'm not driving 50 miles just to buy one 20p part.

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