Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Don't hams have any manners?

I just returned from a nice walk, in a good mood. That soon ended when I opened my inbox and found the following. Note that this is the entire text of the email:

Subject: VOProp and Saving Settings

Everytime the softyware is started the software defaults to a base setting, I can change the settings to my home QTH and the relevent date, but these all are lost every time I exit the software, How can these be saved, and also is there a way for it to take the date and time from the computer itself?

No greeting, no pleasantries like "Thanks for the nice free software." Not even a "73" at the end or a name to say who the email is from.

No mention of the operating system it was being run under. I can guess it's Vista, since this is a problem I've heard of before and is due to VOAProp not being compatible with Vista. However there is a workaround that was suggested to me by another user which is described at the top of the troubleshooting page. So not only does this amateur have no manners, he expects me to spend my time answering his question even though he couldn't be bothered to spend any of his time reading the documentation.

Is it any wonder that I no longer develop or support my ham radio software?

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