Monday, April 27, 2009

Google's in morse this morning

The front page of Google is displaying the name "Google" in morse this morning.
Does anyone know why? And is it coming up like this for everyone, or only for those that visit a lot of ham radio related websites? I imagine seeing the above might be rather baffling for ordinary users who have never even heard of morse code.


Mads said...

If you click the Google logo (in morse code) you will find out that Samuel Morse was born April 27 1791.



g4ilo said...

I hope they'll do the same for me on my 208th anniversary! :)

David said...

It's for all users, and in fact, if you hover over it, it will also tell you that it's Morse's birthday.

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Jspiker said...

Kool....and good ink.


snowpa said...

in fact, Google every day has a different thing, depending on the date something happened and they adjust the pictures...

roeland, pa3met