Saturday, March 16, 2013

New page for JT9 modes

JT9 just got even better. Thanks to Laurie, VK3AMA, JT9 has a new page to show current activity or general chat at

As far as I can tell, the spots are generated from the spots to PSK Reporter, which the latest WSJT-X program does automatically if you tick the appropriate box. So you don't have to do anything extra for your spots to show up on this page. This is a great facility that I am sure will increase the growing popularity of the JT9 mode.


Patrick said...

Thank you for that Julian ! I was using that site from time to time but it was not so handy when working with it is. I've been using PSKReporter since the latest WSJT-X upgrade, but there are still some quirks in the JT9 spotting me thinks.

73 de Patrick ON4CDJ

Garcia said...
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Garcia said...

Hello Sir. Nice to meet you. Love all digi modes, except rtty (sound horrible and horrible performance and polluts all bands hehehe), and i have a problem. Cant tx on jt9, dont know why. I am using cat control and audio interface by internal digi vox. I set the port correctly but jusT dont TX... Any idea? Sorry for bad spelling. CR7AEL, AGE 32, LICENCED 2011, NOVICE

Unknown said...

WSJT doesn't support CAT control yet. It supports hardware PTT but your rig and interface must be set up to use it. If you are using digi VOX and the TX is not triggering then there must be no audio or too little audio out of the sound card. Try plugging a speaker into the sound card output and see if you can hear a tone when the program transmits.

Best I can do at this distance, hope it helps.

Julian, G4ILO

Patrick said...

Thanks to your comment about to put the dial frequency in the appropriate box below the waterfall, my spots are OK now both on and PSKReporter.
It was a silly stupid thing overseen by me, but in the WSJT-X versions prior to v0.6 r3045, I didn't pay attention at all about that.
So there it is....we all make some silly mistakes, but thanks to some helpful fellow HAMs we can correct that :-)

Tnx Julian !

Patrick, ON4CDJ

Garcia said...

It was the low audio!!!

Thank you very much Sir Julian