Friday, March 29, 2013

Spotted in VK

If you get the impression that I'm keen on K1JT's new JT9-1 mode, you'd be right. This morning my signal (25W to an attic dipole) was spotted by Laurie VK3AKA in Australia - the longest distance I've been received using JT9-1 yet. A QSO must surely follow.

My signals down under were -18dB. Yes, it seems Laurie is testing some new add-on for WSJT-X that spots to Hamspots with additional info. Exciting stuff! JT9-1 is turning out to be the WSPR QSO mode that many hoped for.


PE4BAS, Bas said...

Oh yes, oh yes! Exciting! Every time I do JT9 I always have Laurie's site in the background. I wouldn't like to miss it. I noticed yesterday that just a slight bit of propagation gives already tracebale signals. And the new version works even easier. I think JT9 is going to be the mode for 2013! 73, Bas

VE9KK said...

Good morning Julian, nice to see that JT9-1 is both catching on as a mew mode as well the software is consistently being developed as well. I like your thinking about this mode being a WSPR mode that you can make contacts with!!

Unknown said...

Thanks for turning my attension to Hamspots.

Your blog is a constant source of inspiration for things to either check or try

OZ1BFM /Henrik

Mike Newell said...

Just had my 1st JT9-1 contact with YO7IJO.
Think this could be great for making contacts with my lousy antenna!!
Thanks Julian for bringing it to my attention.

Yuri said...

TNX 20m QSO Julian!
73! Yuri EW6BN