Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Iler 40 arrives!

It took its time getting here, but the Iler 40 QRP SSB transceiver kit from Spain has finally arrived! Opening the package confirmed my expectations that this is a very high quality kit indeed.

Iler 40 kit contents
The printed circuit board is top quality and screen printed with plated through holes. Quite a contrast to some kits of UK origin that look as if the board has been etched and drilled in someone's garage.

The components of each type are individually bagged. The CD containing PDF manuals in both English and Spanish has a custom colour printed label. A quick glance inside showed that the assembly instructions have been professionally produced and are of the a similar standard as the manuals for kits by Heathkit and Elecraft - if not better. Javier has even included data sheets for all the active components making this the most fully documented kit I've ever encountered. I'm going to enjoy building this.

It's going to be a while before I can get started, though. There are some major home improvements going on at the moment chez G4ILO and with all the hammering and sawing I'll have to wait for a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere. I also need to print off a copy of the 39-page assembly manual so I can cross steps off as I go along - and as you may have read our printer doesn't want to play ball.


Tjeerd, PA3GNZ said...

Hello Julian,

Goods luck with this kit. I'm building the Iler20.

First mounted the resistors. Now I'm busy to mount the capacitors.

73, Tjeerd

VE9KK said...

Have fun with the kit when you can get around to it. I have just started my Elecraft K2 kit. Hope to sell it when done as I already have a K2. Just a little winter project to keep me out of trouble...