Monday, March 11, 2013

An unproductive afternoon

Working JT65A can sometimes be very frustrating. Today 10m was open and quite a bit of DX was coming in but the sum total of my afternoon's endeavours was precisely two QSOs.

This mode does eat up time. I called several stations to no avail: either they didn't hear me or replied to someone else. A couple of stations I called faded out in mid-QSO so I never received any rogers. I tried calling CQ and had a couple of replies, but they never came back after I sent their report.

It takes two minutes each time to find out if the other guy can even hear you. So you can spend a lot of time on abortive contacts.

On well, there's always tomorrow!


Sverre Holm said...

Yes, it really feels like a long time between passes with JT65. (This comment is written while doing a JT65 QSO!). Isn't there a similar mode which uses half the time, 30 sec?


PE4BAS, Bas said...

Hello Julian, yes it takes time. But with JT-Alert on, the screen appears on top when the cycle is over. That way you can multitask and do other things on the computer. Anyway, your not the only one that doesnt have succes on making QSOs every day. Most of the times we're lucky, sometimes not. There will always be another day of DX. 73, Bas