Saturday, September 15, 2012

PSK31 to Amman, Jordan

Conditions have been good recently on 15m. On that band I have a choice of two antennas - the multiband dipole or the magnetic loop. The multiband dipole doesn't actually have elements for 15m so on that band I think the 40m element must do the work. The K3 ATU is needed to produce a good match.

There is quite a big difference in performance between the two antennas on 15m. The magnetic loop, surprisingly, has a higher noise level but it also produces stronger signals on some stations. On other stations the dipole seems best. It's a pity I don't have a sub-receiver in the K3. It would be interesting to try diversity reception one day.
Amman, Jordan
Whenever a band is open you can usually find some PSK31 activity even if you can't hear any phone. That was the case yesterday on 15 metres when I worked Nart, JY5IB from Amman, Jordan. That's an all-time new country for me so I was very pleased to get him into the log. On this occasion it was the magnetic loop that did the job.
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