Sunday, September 23, 2012


I have been itching to try venturing further afield and thought we might go down to the river Derwent at Papcastle. I carried the Kenwood TH-D72 on my belt to track the walk using APRS and see how far we got. When we reached the path down to the river we saw a paper sign saying "Derventio." Olga thought - wisely with hindsight - that it would not be a good idea to walk down to the river as we would then have to climb back up again. We walked a bit further along the road and looked down towards the river where we could see substantial excavations were taking place. This looks like being a major archeological site. One day when I'm just a bit fitter we will go down and take a closer look.

We continued our walk with a loop through the village of Papcastle, then returned home the way we had come. On the way I heard and worked Richard G1JTD portable on the summit of Great Calva, and Liz M6EPW on my local SOTA summit of Watch Hill. That will undoubtedly be the first summit I will attempt but at the moment it is still too far - about 3 miles from our front door.

I was pretty tired and very sweaty by the time we got back to Cockermouth but I resisted Olga's suggestion that we finish the excursion by taxi. Although what we had done was an easy walk by normal standards this was my most ambitious outing since finishing my treatment.

When we got home I could see that our track had been perfectly recorded by APRS. I was happy with that - and with the two contacts I made. I had only been using one of those stubby antennas about 5 cm long which are a couple of dB down on a rubber duck.

I saved the track as a GPX file and then produced a report using one of the online GPX report generators. According to the report we had walked exactly 4 kilometres. 1.5km of this had been climbing for a total ascent of 87m. To me it felt as if I had just climbed Scafell Pike!


gj7rwt said...

FB Julian...looks like you are making good progress. Carry on the way you are and it won't be long before your operating SOTA again.

Best wishes to you and Olga


BX2ABT / PA2BX said...

Congratulations on your first walk. It must have been a very good feeling, no doubt.

But how did you get your data into the gpx format? I know you have some posts on google groups about this, but not the final solution. I'm curious, could you shed some light, please?

Unknown said...

I use APRSISCE/32. It's easy to save a track to GPX. Just click on the object that's making a track and click Tracks / Save to GPX. I think that's right. It's not obvious if you pick an object that isn't moving because there's no Tracks menu when there is no track.

Julian, G4ILO

BX2ABT / PA2BX said...

Thanks Julian, that explains it. I thought you had found a way to save it from, but I guess they still haven't implemented that feature. I myself use Xastir and there it's also not possible yet.

G7DDN said...

Well done, Julian. Great to hear you are getting out and about. My wife's first walk after Mastectomy and reconstruction was a big moment in the recovery process too. Well done!