Friday, April 06, 2012

6 April 2012 - 10m

10m WSPR spots for G4ILO - 6 April 2012


tmw said...

That's pretty incredibly awesome!!

VE9KK said...

The way the bands have been over the past few days those are great results!

Mike Newell said...

It just goes to show that even when the bands sound "dead" they are not necessarily so!
Excellent results.
I found 10m to be empty here this morning, so dropped down to listen on 11m, and heard a station not too far away telling someone that he had worked South Africa this morning, and had heard Australia.....!!
So, the answer is to not just listen but to put a call out too.......

Anonymous said...

Very nice.

I presume this is with your K3 and not your propellor WSPR beacon?

I have been running WSPR receive only on and off for some time and I am frequently amazed at what I see logged.

My most incredible logging was of a VK2KRR on March 23 this year; a distance of 16303km. While in and of itself is pretty good considering loggings like this and with ZL occur from time to time on 20 meters.

This particular WSPR spot however was on 160meters and not just once but it's happened twice. Ten years ago I would have thought it impossible.

cheers, Graham VE3GTC