Thursday, December 09, 2010

UPS: Useless Pathetic Shower

What a useless courier company UPS is. I ordered something from Martin Lynch on Tuesday afternoon and was informed that it had been shipped an hour later by UPS. At 7.45 on Wednesday morning the UPS tracking site showed the package had arrived in the depot at Carlisle and was marked as in transit for delivery that day. I waited in all day and nothing arrived. Later that evening I checked the site again and found the message at 6.45pm: THE PACKAGE WAS MISSED AT THE UPS FACILITY, UPS WILL DELIVER ON THE NEXT BUSINESS DAY / DELIVERY RESCHEDULE. The delivery date was changed to today (Thursday.)

So I waited in all day today and still no UPS man. Again I checked the UPS tracking site this evening and the same message had been added, this time at 7.48pm. The delivery date is now rescheduled for tomorrow (Friday.)

We have had poor weather conditions and the roads have been icy but FedEx called as usual around lunch time to the neighbour across the road who has a regular delivery. And Interlink Direct called to pick up two packages of items I'd sold on eBay the shipment of which I'd arranged online yesterday. (Tip: use the code XMAS10 to get £5 off a delivery before Christmas.) So I don't think that's a valid excuse, really.

I wonder what the chances are that I will actually receive my new toy tomorrow? I just hope that when it does arrive I don't find they have lived up to the other meaning of their acronym: United Package Smashers.
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