Sunday, January 10, 2010

Winter migrants

My wife and I both enjoy watching wildlife. We always put out food for the birds, and get a surprising number of them in the garden - surprising because this is a built-up area and the size of our garden is less than the footprint of a three element tribander.

Because of the snow we are seeing a lot of winter visitors. This morning we saw six blackbirds at the same time, three fieldfares like the one above photographed from inside the conservatory by Olga, and a redwing.

Trying to photograph the birds makes you realise how hard these wildlife photographers work to earn their money. We have also enjoyed observing them through the spotting scope I bought a couple of years ago from Aldi. I have it set up on a camera tripod inside our conservatory. Being such a short distance away the birds fill the field of view so we can observe them in great detail. The fieldfares really are beautiful creatures.

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Adam said...

Hello Julian, I like the look of the Aldi Spotting Scope a lot. And the photo Olga took with it from indoors is really very good. There is such a huge array of optical instruments out there that the choice for entering the hobby has been bewildering and daunting and I am somewhat relieved I have chosen and can now relax and sit back & wait for it to arrive!

73 Adam