Monday, October 19, 2009

Another QRP Italian contact

After dinner and before going to watch TV I managed a 40m contact with Tiziano, IZ3NWT using the HB-1A. My report this time was 449. I checked the power output a bit later on - with the batteries delivering 10.2V I'm now getting just a tad over 3W output. Antenna was the MFJ magnetic loop.

From his picture, it seems Tiziano is partial to a bit of outdoor operating, probably QRP as well. However for this contact he was using a classic Yaesu FT-200 and 100W into a vertical. His location is in the Dolomite mountains at the north of Italy. The website shown his page is all about the area, and it would appear that Tiziano and his parents have a holiday apartment for rent. Looks like a nice place for a vacation!


Larry W2LJ said...

Julian, I like that fancy brown glass amplifier tube that appears on Tiziano's operating table. I'll bet it makes the CW flow easier!

73 de Larry W2LJ

Paul Stam PAØK said...

Hello Julian, a nice contact with 3 watts. Your indoor Magnetic Loop performs excellent. Congrats. 73, Paul

L'economa domestica said...

Hallo Julian, I'm Tiziano's YL from Italy. He's not so fluent in english, so I'll traslate his message to you.

"Dr OM Julian, thanks for your nice post about our QSO in October. Yes, in the photo I'm operating from rig/P outside my "Tabià" (that in Ladin language, spoken in Dolomite mountains, it means "cottage"). The tube amplifier is very QRO, and it helps a fluent CW (I'm novice) Hi Hi Hi. My QSL sure via buro. Vy 73 es cu agn sn, ciao from Italy, de Tiziano IZ3NWT"