Friday, October 23, 2009

A QRP Evening

Yesterday the four visiting Norwegian QRPers Mads LA1TPA, Aage LA1ENA, Halvard LA1DNA and Kjell LA1KHA came to visit us.

We had a very pleasant evening. On learning that my wife Olga was from Ukraine, Kjell greeted her in Russian and was interested in her thoughts about what life was like in the Soviet times.

Amongst other things we talked about about QRP radio, operating from summits, trouble with neighbours and difficulties getting permission to put up antennas. It is not just in the UK that we have these problems. Two of the guys had no home station antennas at all, and Mads has just an MFJ magnetic loop at home.

The guys were interested in seeing the HB-1A QRP CW radio from China, and also my Wonder Loop home made portable magnetic loop antenna. In the picture, Kjell is trying to make a contact on 30m using the HB-1A and Wonder Loop. He was not successful, despite received signals being strong, but perhaps our aluminium-framed conservatory was acting as a Faraday shield. Despite that, Aage was interested in getting an HB-1A and Mads said he plans to make his own version of the Wonder Loop.

The evening was a success and it was nearly midnight before they left for their hotel in Keswick. I'm glad to say the Lakeland weather has been kind to them, and today is fine and mild for their last day in the Lakes.


Mads said...

Olga and Julian,

We truly enjoyed visiting your home. The food was delicious and the Jennings Beer too!

Thanks for making our trip to UK even better.


Unknown said...


Glad you had a good trip. We very much enjoyed the evening with you all. Keep in touch.

Julian, G4ILO and Olga.

Burke Jones - N0HYD said...

Quick question on your Wonder Loop - I am assemblying the parts for my own version.

If I go with a larger capacitor, say a 320 PF - would this basically give me a larger tuning range for the same size loop?


Unknown said...

Not necessarily - the tuning range is determined by the difference between minimum and maximum capacitance, and a higher value capacitor will often have a higher min as well as a higher max.