Monday, November 18, 2013


With  smoothed sunspot number of  282 nd a solar flux of 177 we are continuing to enjoy great conditions on the higher HF bands. I can't remember the last time the sunspot number has been that high - though that joins a long list of other things I can't remember either. I'm surprised that more bloggers haven't commented on it - they were happy to spread gloom and despondency when the predictions said that this solar cycle ws going to be a dud.

I've spent most of my operating time on my favourite mode - PSK31. Truth is, I've always felt more comfortable at the keyboard than in front of the mic. But I really should try to get some time in on phone while conditions are this good. Who knows how long it will last?

WebProp- my solar weather web widget is proving to be a bit of an embarrassment with its prediction that HF band propagation will be poor. The algorithm clear places too much emphasis on the effect of high A and K index values.It would be better for users to use the condx=no option which will show only the raw ininterpreted data.

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