Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Five minute wonder

My  Nevada WH3080 weather station has turned out to be a five minute wonder. Barely 3 months since we installed it, it has quit working. The base unit is no longer receiving information from the sensors.

We checked the batteries. The batteries in the sensor unit, which are supposed to be charged by solar power, were almost dead. We replaced them by some ordinary alkaline cells. But there is still no communication.

I think it is going in the garbage bin. It was whilst trying to reset the unit that I fell over in the garden and flattened some of Olga's plants. It is cheap Chinese rubbish.If I don't throw it in the trash I expect Olga will.

To theit credit Nevada did offer to exchange it for a new replacement when we couldn't get the rainfall gauge to work. But I threw away the packaging so we couldn't take up the offer. Either I can go back to using the one I built myself fom a kit which only recorded temperature, humidity and pressure, or abandon the idea of having a weather station altogether.

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