Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Milestone at the end of the road

My Motorola Milestone 2 smartphone, which I bought nearly two years ago, has gone kaput. When I slide out the keyboard, the display goes blank. The device is usable, but only as an ordinary phone. I can imagine what has happened. There is probably a flexible ribbon cable like in the KX3 connecting the two halves, and a trace has broken. (A good job I've got the charger for the KX3 so I don't have to keep opening it up to change the batteries.)

Of course, it is out of warranty. The question is, is it repairable at a reasonable cost? Motorola's support site won't give an estimated cost of repair. "Send it to us and we'll give you a quote" they say. I'd really like a ballpark figure for what it is going to cost before doing that.

I guess I'll just have to spring for a new phone. But there weren't many alternatives with a real hardware keyboard and I expect there are even fewer now. I wish I could type using the software keyboard (which I'll have to for now) but I have a 50% error rate. I don't think my fingers are much fatter than normal. How do you guys manage? Perhaps you don't text much and don't do email on the phone.

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