Saturday, July 14, 2012

K3 VFO problem - help!

I'm on 6m with my Elecraft K3 and I've noticed that VFO B is following VFO A. Whatever frequency I dial using VFO A and the main tuning knob, VFO B changes with it. On other bands the VFOs are not linked like this but turning the VFO B knob does nothing.

Obviously I accidentally pressed something I shouldn't have, so I don't know what to do to undo the action. Does anyone know what I should do to get VFO B working normally again? Switching off and switching on again didn't solve the problem.

UPDATE: VFO B was not changing because LOCK was on. Having turned LOCK off I can change VFO B independently using the knob. VFO B and VFO A now show different frequencies, but if I turn the VFO A knob, VFO B now changes by the same amount! I don't seem to have SPLIT on, in fact when I press SPLIT the message SPL N/A is shown.


Anonymous said...

You've accidently held down the SUB button. Press & hold again to unlink the VFOs.

Unknown said...

Thanks, John. That was it! I don't know why it happened.I never go near that button as I don't have a subreceiver in my K3. In my desperation I did try pressing it but obviously not for long enough as the rig just said NO SUB.

Julian, G4ILO

Anonymous said...

There are 2 types of K3 owners: those who have unintentionally linked their VFOs and those who haven't *yet*!

pa0o said...

yes the yellow "LOCK" key to lock or unlock A and B

The yellow "SPLIT" function under the A>B key is also tricking me sometimes.
The Split can be lost by mistake and or by changing to other band an back and starting the upupup police force at DX-pedition hunt