Sunday, October 02, 2011

Nothing but whispers

In the last few days several people have posted in their blogs or in forums that conditions on 10m have been great. Either I have been listening at the wrong times or this QTH is as bad on the higher HF bands as it is on VHF. When I have tuned across the 10m band I have found only one or two signals strong enough to be heard above the S4 noise level I now have on this band and none loud enough to work.

It's probably my QTH. Last year when Olga was away in Ukraine I operated from the car with my QRP K2 and an MP-1 antenna on a mag mount and from just a few miles away but overlooking the coast I worked DX on 15 and 17m that I had never heard from home. Unfortunately going mobile is no longer an option as I am not allowed to drive due to my illness.

Something must be working right though. Most of the day I have been running WSPR on 10m with 5 watts to the dipole and my signal was spotted on 5 continents. It's good, but it isn't the same as having an actual conversation. You can see why my interest these days is turning more towards things like EchoLink.


VE9KK said...

Good afternoon Julian, for the most part 10 meters has not been hot. But last week I was on 10 and was able to get into Europe with one watt on CW. Now this is not the norm for sure. I find the reliable bands this way are still 20 and 40 meters. With 10 meters it is just hit and miss.

PE4BAS, Bas said...

Wow Julian, great to see that map. I didn't operate WSPR for months now. But really need to set it up again.
I did see some new DXCC on 10 for me. 73, Bas

Mike Newell said...

Hi Julian,
Glad to hear that i'm not the only one finding that 10m might well be "open" but have struggled with WSPR on there.
Have worked Brazil & Uruguay on SSB with 10 watts, but heard virtually nothing on WSPR - most odd!
Unlike you though, my signal has also not been heard by many others on the band.......frustrating.
Mike, G1HGD.

joe said...

Hello Julian
10m seem's to be making a comeback
I got Brazil today sun 2nd with no problem ssb Ahh you might say easier that way maybe but I only use a cobweb and 5mtr asl and in a bit of a valley'
I must get back to digi modes as thats where I got most of the DX
I pray that everything will go well for you Regards Joe MI0GTM

Casey Bahr said...

10 meter openings are still sporadic, but the rash of sunspots last week helped. I think more than any other band you have to call CQ on 10 meters. Seems lots of people listen to see if it's open and go away when there is just static.

ab2tc said...

10m was wide open all day long here both Saturday and Sunday. I worked several UK stations in the 10-15m RSGB contest and even Australia in the Oceania contest.

AB2TC - Knut