Thursday, October 13, 2011

JT65A QSO on 10m

Who says JT65A is not a chat mode? :)

It's always nice to meet on the air one of my blog readers.


SV4FFL Costas Dovas said...
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SV4FFL Costas Dovas said...

I am very glad having the opportunity to meet you on the air Julian, and my happiness is double because you understood what i meant on my final round!! 73 es looking forward for our next QSO. 73
my radiofriend!!
Costas SV4FFL

Paul Stam PAØK said...

Hi Julian, it is a challenge for Twitter users to send a message to cram into 13 characters especially for JT65-HF users. ;-) 73 Paul

joe said...

Just a little comment matbe you have been hacked it's just if I click the jt header in blue something comes up at the top of the page .
I thought you should be aware
Regards Joe

Alex Hill said...

Probably a lot quicker than me trying to type it in on my VX8 and sending it via APRS.