Friday, August 05, 2011

Hitting a century

I have just noticed that this blog now has 100 followers. I'd just like to say thanks for reading my ramblings and I hope you continue to find them interesting.

Yesterday I heard about a new web service called It's a site that lets you build a personal profile page with links to all your online content: websites, blogs, Facebook, Twitter and so on. Your profile has a URL like: so in order to grab my name before someone else does I set up my own profile page at It only takes a few minutes to do so if you are interested in making it easier for people to find you on the web it's worth the effort.

There aren't a lot of links on my profile as I'm still not into social networks. I can't see the point of Facebook, though I guess that's just me as I know it is very popular. And I don't know that people would be interested in my tweeting what I'm doing any more often than I do in my blogs already.


VE9KK said...

I've only been in the blog biz for almost a year now not to sure there is to much "about me" that I can add to the site....having said that Julian your blog is great and I have enjoyed reading it. Very informative and interesting.

Casey Bahr said...


I find Facebook to have the most bewildering interface, so difficult to use, and you can't do anything without having to share your data with some 3rd party of whom you probably know nothing. Yet, ... it somehow has gotten its tentacles into me because so many of my friends use it. Their key to success I guess!

Congrats on 100 followers and thanks for the tip on