Saturday, July 02, 2011

Beacon of hope

These last few days have been surreal. I don't feel like a man with a time bomb in my head. I'm still weak, tired and find concentration difficult (the ability to get some decent sleep would help) but every day seems to bring an improvement in many functions. I'm even typing more accurately than I've done in a long time. I suppose it's possible this brain tumour was having an effect on things before I even became aware of it.

I'm far from feeling up to spending a lot of time on the hobby (or anything else in particular) but my mind still needs things to occupy it and my links and contacts with the ham radio community help lift my spirit. As I'm not using my magnetic loop antenna I thought I would connect up the 30m QRSS beacon I built last autumn. So my callsign will be going out over the airwaves as a sign that I'm down but not out and not giving in to the doctors' pessimistic predictions.

I'd appreciate reception reports direct to my email (julian . g4ilo at gmail . com). At the moment I can't make head nor tail of grabbers. Nor can I figure out how to change my entry on the Knights QRSS Clipboard. A long way still to go, then, but at least progress for the moment is in the right direction.

73 and thanks for all the messages of support. They really were appreciated during this awful week. If you are interested, you can follow my progress with treatment in One Foot in the Grave.
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