Friday, May 20, 2011

A K3 in your pocket

Elecraft K3 with paddles attached. #hamradio #kx3 on Twitpic

Jeff Davis KE9V was among the first to post pictures from Dayton of Elecraft's latest announcement, a portable all mode HF to 50MHz transceiver - almost literally "a K3 in your pocket."

   Weight: 1.5 lbs
   Size: 1.7x3.5x7.4"
   KX1 form-factor
   internal battery pack & charger
   internal wide-range ATU
   new adjustable, attached keyer paddle

...and a K3-like front panel, including the same LCD.

I want one!


Anonymous said...

Agreed Julian. I want one too. I'd been wondering how soon we'd get to see pictures of the KX3, and was happy to see the ones that Jeff posted today.

I've been thinking about selling my FT-817 for a while and now might be the right time......

Dick said...

I've never cared for any of the flat, read-out & buttons on top style ttransceivers. Don't think I will be selling my FT-817 soon. May be some used 817 bargains coming up soon.

Anonymous said...

I agree with your comments Dick and feel the same way about other similarly laid-out TFR radios, but there will be a mobile mounting bracket for the KX3. Therefore, you can mount it with the controls facing the same way as more traditional radios if you wish.

Steve GW7AAV said...

Drool! Gimme Gimme!

Fenris said...

The only real snag seems to be the lack of higher VHF and UHF bands. Other than that a nice looking little rig!