Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wedding celebrations

The RSGB has negotiated with Ofcom to allow UK radio amateurs to use a special call to celebrate the wedding of H.R.H. Prince William and Catherine Middleton. The call may be used during a period of 11 days from the date of the wedding, 29 April 2011, until 9 May 2011. The call will use the letter "R" after the first letter of the call, replacing the regional designator for Scotland, Ireland, Wales etc. where used. So G4AAA would become GR4AAA, 2E0ABC would become 2R0ABC, GM3ZZZ would be GR3ZZZ and so on.

UK licensed amateurs wishing to use the special call must apply for a Notice of Variation (NoV) to their license. This NoV may only be applied for online using a simple online form and the NoV will be delivered by email. Who says that the RSGB is not progressive?

Personally I will be trying as much as possible to avoid all the ballyhoo over this wedding so I shan't be applying, but I thought that the information may be of interest.
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