Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Firefox 4 just works

Following my rant about Internet Explorer 9 this morning I noticed that Firefox 4 had now been released so I decided to update my 3.6 version. The update took less than half the time, there was no disabling of security software or restart required, it checked my add-ons for compatibility and automatically updated those as well. And all the pages I have tried to view display perfectly. A flawless, hassle-free update, just as it should be.

Remind me again why Microsoft is so successful?


K9CHP said...

Well I just heard, unconfirmed though, that the Garmin communicator plugin does not work with Firefox 4, so transition may not be as smooth for gps users.

Amir K9CHP

Paul Stam PAØK said...

Hi Julian, I think that Firefox is the best browser. Version 4 looks great. I will test it further for the coming days. 73 Paul

Unknown said...

What I don't like about FF4 is having the tabs at the top, above the address bar and the toolbars, instead of below them, just above the web page. The toolbars don't change when you click a different tab so they should be outside (above) the tabs in my opinion. Why do program designers have to change things around unnecesarily?

Fenris said...

View->Toolbars and then deselect Tabs-on-top and it's fixed.

Anonymous said...

I upgraded as well and like the new Firefox 4.

However, my only complaint is that I have not yet been able to remove the BING search thing that appears to the right of the main address area.

(don't you just love all those technical terms - and when you don't know or can't recall the proper name you can make something up!)

cheers, Graham ve3gtc

Fenris said...

Click in the the area between the address and search bar, or just outside to left or right, select customise.

Then drag the thing you don't want off the bar back into the container with all the options and it will be gone.

Close the container to save this as your default.

Note that you can add as a search entry to this entry field, so it's useful for amateur radio.


I'm hoping that N0HR upgrades his Propfire add on for FF4 soon.

Anonymous said...

Fenris, thanks - that was about the only thing I didn't try!

cheers, Graham ve3gtc

Anonymous said...

As a recent Firefox convert, I just upgraded from 3.6 to 4.0 as well and, exactly as you say, it was a simply effortless and flawless experience. If it wasn't for the fact that some web sites insist on the use of IE to display their pages (how do they do that btw?), I would remove all trace of IE from my PC. It just really sucks. 72/3, Steve ve7gtu.