Monday, February 14, 2011

Simple Sideband Transceiver for 10m

Roger G3XBM has started a new project: a simple sideband transceiver for the 10m band. Roger's projects are always interesting so this page will be one to keep an eye on. If it can be made small enough to fit into a hand held case this could make a great portable radio capable of DX contacts during the sporadic-E conditions during the summer.

Regular readers will know that last year I worked the Czech Republic using a hand-held Intek H-520 FM transceiver with a telescopic whip. The Intek, despite being a nice looking radio, is actually a horrible piece of kit with a PA that sucks the power out of the rig's batteries, especially if the antenna presents anything other than a perfect SWR. And the trouble with 10m FM in the summer is that too many people are trying to use too few frequencies so there is terrible QRM and the "capture effect" means that only the strongest station is heard.

A little double-sideband rig, even with only a couple of watts output, ought to work much better. I shall be following Roger's project with interest and intend to make this my next radio project too.
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