Sunday, July 04, 2010

Riding with Lynn

I've just been for a pleasant afternoon drive down to the coast with Lynn, KJ4ERJ, developer of the APRSISCE software, currently on holiday in Spain. No, I didn't nip down on EasyJet for the day. Actually I was following him on APRS using the Google Street View feature in the beta version of

With the new software, when you click on a station you get the option to Track in Street View. If you do then the browser window splits in two, with the top half showing the view the person you are tracking sees, facing the direction he is going, and the bottom half showing the track on the map. It works pretty well. You just have to remind yourself that you are viewing images previously taken by Google, not live images!

This is beta software, so you won't find it on the regular just yet. But it's a pretty cool application, I think you'll agree!


Lynn (D) said...

Thanks for messaging me to let me know you were "in the back seat". I had noticed the beta, but hadn't checked it out yet. That is TOO COOL! If you catch us parked here in Cadaques, our room is with the balcony just right of the blue L in HOTEL.

Lynn (D) - EA3/KJ4ERJ

Lynn (D) said...

From aprsfi Yahoo Group:

Since there has not been much feedback from (in the form of bug reports), I've installed the new code on the main site. If serious issues arise, it's possible for me to back out to the previous version easily.

- Hessu

Hessu said...

um, Google group. ;)

Unknown said...

Yes you were still there this morning, and your balcony is smack in the middle of the picture.